Dark, void and bleak;
It came unannounced.
Like a snake under the bush,
It slithered its way into the mind.
Venomous, spiteful and evil;
It ruled the fickle mind.

Usurping the throne, it declared war on the body and soul.
It ruled and controlled like a morbid ghoul.
Days were grey and nights were eerie,
Adieu gay and merry!

It sucked the life and colour
And reeked of fear and terror.
“Enough is enough, war it is”, mused the mind,
More the mind revolted, the more it spewed gloom.

In pursuit of the lost valour,
The mind readied its warrior!
The battle was long and weary,
Replete with ambiguity,
As the days went by, the scrupulous mind won over the evil.

Happiness ensued; colour returned
There was peace and quiet.
“The demon is dead”, rejoiced the mind
“Not yet”, exclaimed a voice in unkind.
Startled and shocked, it invoked a reign of terror.

Like an uninvited guest, it came and went as it pleased,
For days and weeks and months
Continuing its uncanny visits
The ghoul settled its scores with the mind.
The soul brokered a deal
And convinced the ghoul to ease.
Now the mind lives but in perpetual fear,
For the demon is still out there,
Haunting like a nightmare!