The uncanny wife she was,

For whom choice was a distant dream.

Except sometimes: harassed, bullied, tortured,

Shamed in varied kinds.

Deemed an imbecile by her wretched guardian

She was nothing but a mouse!


“Quit, divorce, react – the choice is yours”, they said.

But deep down she knew better the monster she fed!

Her esteem sabotaged and ruined,

Her mind distraught and pained,

Her life crippled with woes and pathos,

Choice was resplendently abundant!


They always say you have a choice!

“But do you actually”,  she mused.

She often mulled over this conundrum.

Caught in the labyrinth of domestic obscurities

Her soul was trapped by a motley force of monsters.

Kids, financial vulnerability, societal taboo, marital sanctity,

Indeed the demons sucked her sanity!

She knew she was meek but had a choice

And that was –

Succumb to the fetishes of the monsters!