I am an English Graduate and I’ve had people doubt my career simply because I studied English and not any other professional course. But I reckon, even students of literature are no less compared to others. With our flair for writing and the gift of being a rhetoric, we are nothing short of engineers/doctors/lawyers. So, for all my brothers and sisters who are dubious of choosing English, here are few of the many opportunities that English offers you.

You have a plethora of options if you are a graduate,that too honours, in English. Unlike the past, there are a lot many avenues for people who have done their Bachelors/Masters in English.

If teaching is your passion, you can write NET and teach in Universities. The UGC is benevolent with teachers who are NET qualified and they pay you handsomely.
No issues if clearing NET is not your cup of tea. There is always the conventional pathway to teaching: B.Ed. You can also pursue B.Ed and get into schools or sometimes colleges and continue spreading knowledge.
Take an MA in English, MPhil and Ph.D. and become the language expert. English is an intriguing language. So, explore it as much as you want.

The pen is mightier than the sword! Yes, writing any piece of shit is just a piece of cake for most English graduates! So, take you pen and vent out all your thoughts and emotions to weave a beautiful piece of work. Trust me, Writers are in huge demand. Not many know about content writing. According to me it’s one among the many brilliant profile any arts graduate can have, provided they have a flair for writing. As long as there are products/services to be marketed, content writers will never cease to flourish.

If you have an eye for detail, the quest to explore more, a razor-sharp tongue, assertive thoughts, and writing skills; journalism is what you should opt for.

Copy writing is also a field where you can exploit your creative thoughts. It also needs a persuasive tone, but no issues for it’ ll come with practice.

For people who are tech-savvy, Technical writing is what you have to ponder upon. A lot many IT companies recruit English Graduates as Technical writers. If not us who will document their software products and user manuals? We are the grammar gurus and we know the language better than most of the engineers out there!

Instructional designers or ID is another field where we graduates come of help. Designing e-learning courses to provide information as instructions is precisely the job of an ID. IDs make learning better and easy.

To top it all, if you are not the types who don’t want to get stuck to a cubicle and work your ass off, become freelance writers. Sit within the comforts of your house blog, write for multiple content writing firms, and earn cosily!

These are just a jist of what you can do after B.A in English and am sure there are lot more to this list. English may not be a “professional course” but we are no less than any other course. Cheers to all English Graduates!