After a hiatus (read procrastination) I am back to what I love the most. Certainly, I was swelled with a plethora of my mind’s musings. Whilst contemplating on what to write, my sister called after a workshop in St. Teresa’s college, and it led to the opening of our life’s best nostalgia. Therefore, on International Women’s Day, I thought why not write about my favourite Alma Mater – St. Teresa’s College (STC). A women’s only academic institution that empowers and moulds women of sorts, STC is a cosmos of emotion!

My tryst with STC happened in 2010 when I join the women’s only college for English Literature much against my will. But little did I know that this despised place would be my heaven for three glorious years. For the years that ensued, my love for STC just multiplied. Even though I joined Christ University for PG, I always considered myself a Teresian more than a Christite. That’s the magic STC does to you.

The person responsible for my Teresian Life: Kala ma’am aka Kala Chechi

More than just academics

It is true that my college has been re-accredited with an A++ by NAAC. Undoubtedly, academia in STC is much sought after and so is cultural. The year begins with ‘Fresher’s’ day and ends with college ‘Farewell’. In between, there are numerous art/literary fests that are a feast to your eyes and peace to your soul. In a campus replete with just women, I found solace in taking part in almost all the events. For me, these fests were a panacea to otherwise mundane campus life. Be it the fascinating Teresian week where talent meets beauty or the department fests, Teresian life was more than a carnival, It was a celebration of student life in all its glory.

Panache 2012-13

Mahatma Gandhi Youth Festival 2010-11 Mime

With our Principal and Celebrity Guest Poornima Indrajith- Panache 2012-13

More than being just women

The best part of being on a women’s only campus is that it literally empowers you. With zero privilege of male support unlike in a co-education college, we had no choice but to be on our own and be on par with our male peers of “apartha” college (Maharaja’s and Law College). When it came down to things like fixing a bulb or arranging/carrying furniture, we women did that on our own. Of course, we had technician chettan, driver chettan and Joy chettan to help us with, but the major show was carried out by the students themselves. I remember in school we always had the boys to arrange school furniture and do all heavy-duty task while we girls enjoyed artsy stuff. Coming to STC, I realized that my male friends did pamper us. Here we were pushed beyond our comfort zones and nourished to be self-reliant and independent. The Union days were nothing short of being on par with other college’s Union members where the majority of them were males.  For many STC is a ticket to the glamour industry. But did you know that the college has produced IFS officers, Vice-Chancellors, Writers, etc? Therefore, the college trains you to be more than just women and contribute your bit towards society.


Opportunities thy name STC

I cherished every moment spent in STC for the numerous unbiased opportunities it gave me.  From the countless MCing to the ‘tendal’ (begging) for sponsorship, the college made me thick-skinned in every sense. From organizing ‘Panache 2012-13’ (inter-collegiate department fest) to being a part of the College Union 2011-12 as the General Secretary, STC has provided the best of opportunities one could covet for. The college is swamped with opportunities of sorts; however, it is up to us to seize them and make the best of them. You can also make a memorable college life-embracing female camaraderie inside classrooms.   The endless chit-chat at ‘Punchiri’, bunking class to Bay Pride Mall, the sudden boat trips to Fort Kochi, munching on the ‘pazhampori (Banana Fritters)’ of the college canteen, making excuses to visit the science campus and ending up in one of the boutiques in Convent junction, I sure miss my girl gang!

Once a Teresian Always a Teresian

St. Teresa’s was never a bed of rose; there were days I cribbed and whined being stuck in the college. There were days of exhaustion and regular spells of ‘I-hate-my-college’ and ‘my-college-is-the-worst-college’ phase. In introspection, I was simply being hard on my college like any graduate and then Christ University happened to me. Period! (One minute silence to my then dead soul) Jokes apart, I matured!!!


I can go on and on about being a Teresian. It is quite overwhelming to be an alumnus of this beautiful institution that enchants you into its world of Union days, Youth Festival season, Teresian Week and much more. And I cannot thank my teachers enough for giving me the best of a Teresian life, needless to say, once a Teresian always a Teresian!!!