Dear Neel

Happy birthday sunshine! You are turning two today and I really can’t keep calm! As I express best through words, I hope this letter will make your day whenever you read it.

I still remember the day I saw you, in your birthday suit, crying your lungs out and letting the world know of your arrival. You graced my womb for 35 weeks and empowered me as a woman. Motherhood is quite overwhelming, and I cannot help but haiku my feelings for you:

Flavoring my soul,

Tempering my heart,

You are the best delicacy I have ever had!

At two, you are not quite a speaker, but hey I am not expecting an Einstein. Take all the time in the world to be you! Ammu, as you call me, will always be with you excited and cheering you in every milestone.

Your smile is contagious, laughter infectious and anger repelling. And your tantrums… ah…don’t even get me started on that! I wonder where you have stored all that stubbornness in that two feet body of yours?

Being a happy child, you are also outgoing and fun-loving. Touchwood, I hope you always and forever remain like this.

Do you know that you have seen 6 countries (India and Saudi included) already? And, you took us by surprise by adapting well to every country you have visited. After all, the travel gene is inherited from us.

Not that you remember, but last year for your birthday we were in the Mountains in Gebele, Azerbaijan. If not for Corona, we would have been at some Island Country! Bad luck my child. Also, you will miss your dad this birthday for he is still in Dammam hoping to reach you soon.

I sincerely pray for your good health and happiness. I hope you grow to become a kind compassionate human. Be bold yet considerate of your fellow humans.

I do not expect you to be a rank holder, wealthy or materialistically successful. Your happiness is the real success. Be a nice human; respecting women, and people of all races and gender. I wouldn’t be more proud then.

So once again my child, happy birthday and let’s rock your ‘terrible-two’ phase.