About Me

Hi, I am Shwetha – that Malayali from the Gulf (Malayalis feel free to read it as “the GELF”).  Internet is a universe in itself and this website of mine is just a speck in it, so congratulations if you are here on this page! You have made someone happy by just visiting and if you are reading well…My,My My! I am on Cloud Nine. Welcome folks and happy reading.

Basically a Malayali, I roamed quite a bit (Chennai predominantly and a teeny weeny bit of Delhi) before settling in Kochi during my teenage, which I reckon is the ugliest period of my life. Pun intended. God was kind and blessed me with three beautiful years in my decade of stay in Kerala after which I moved to Bangalore and then finally in Saudi Arabia.

My life has been a comedy of paradox. I have always succeeded in achieving the things that I have despised. As a child, I hated writing. The convent I studied in Chennai pushed me into this habit. And today I own this website.  Yay! My teenage was spent spying and reporting events. I thank my twin for being so mischievous and giving me ample opportunities to report her tyranny. I trained myself to be a journalist. I used to dream reporting for the BBC and CNN.  Journalism was my god for a lot many years. As expected the dream of mine did not realise. I could not even take a degree in Journalism. Journalism was the forbidden fruit in my family. And guess what, my dad was a Journalist. Great isn’t it? I haven’t spoken of nightmares, have I? Well, I did have nightmares and one such was becoming a teacher. And today I teach the O levels at Victory International School, Dammam. Next was marriage, I never wanted to marry until I was 30. But love being potent  I succumbed and married my boyfriend of 6 years in 2016. And in 2018 we became parents to our son whom we named Neel  Shwetha Kiran. Life has been so unpredictable yet beautiful, I must say.

I am quite a vocal person who has an opinion on almost everything. I am also a feminist who believes that if a woman could let a man pay her bills so can she do the dishes for him. I believe in gender neutrality than equality. Coming from a sexist, patriarchal background I couldn’t help be a feminist, hence!

From being a talker, I slowly switched to writing and this medium was a perfect platform to vent my emotions and weave them into a fabric of discourse. Four years ago, I started a blog in word press and began my writing journey which was quite gratifying. Writing has been a panacea to all my worries.  From what started as a chronicling of my fears and inhibitions it led to the battling of a bigger demon – Depression! I am just a writer and not an editor. So, yes you will find typos and errors. The grammar Nazis can correct me and others can enjoy my writings.

And that’s a wrap. Have a great day and thank you for your time!