Confused with the heading? Cynical about my sanity? Thinking “OMG! It’s Saudi Arabia how can you like it forget loving it”? Well, here I am giving you three reasons why I truly reckon Saudi Arabia as a cosy little desert!

The land of bedouins, golden sand and exotic fragrances, Saudi Arabia is the largest among the GCC countries. Moving to the Middle East especially to Saudi was quite vexing for me as I had a fair amount of people pouring their negatives of going to “Saudi”. Of course, the nation has stringent rules and repelling laws for women. Nevertheless, I can’t help write about the much unknown or rather untold fun that Saudi can be.

Travelling is a piece of cake

A car of your own and a spouse who loves travelling is a perfect concoction to break free from the quotidian life that Saudi can be. With petrol being cheaper than water and this magic potion in your hand you can escape into the mysteries of sand, land and magic carpets. Saudi is huge and there are plenty of places to visit in Saudi itself. If not in Saudi you can go to its neighbouring countries that are a hop-scotch away! (Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Dubai,Jordan, Egypt)With proximity to the European nations, Saudi can also help you strike such coveted countries off your bucket list!

Abhaya and beyond…

For many abhayas are nothing but a piece of black cloth that veils your identity, takes away your liberty and confines you to patriarchy! I don’t beg to differ, however, I don’t completely agree either! Ah, Well it is quite a dichotomy to choose between wearing the abhaya and not. But, when in Saudi do as the Saudi’s do! Rather, think of it as a long cloth that protects you from the extreme climate of the desert. A cover that camouflages your pajamas underneath or a fabric that conceals your extra ounce of flesh protruding from your body. Besides, they come in all hues and wearing them gives you a chic elegant look! Trust me, I love wearing the abhayas as much as I love wearing my normal clothes.

Also, Saudi is not just about abhayas. There is more to abhayas, especially if you are a working woman and you are a teacher. The school parties are full of vibrance besides being a perfect ramp to exhibit your designer wears. So worry not as there is a life beyond abhays!

PS: I have 7 abhayas and I wear one each day to work!!!

Food, Food and Food

With their exotic herbs, ethnic spices and succulent meat, food in Saudi is beyond divine! Though a tad bland, the dishes are rich, unadultered and classy! From the scrumptious shawarmas to piquant kabsas and to the toothsome kanafas; the Arabic cuisines are sure to pamper your taste buds leaving you lust for more. Food is a celebration in Saudi and you get all types be it Indian, Lebanese, Yemeni, Thai, Chinese, Continental and what not!

Basically, my three key to happiness in Saudi is travel, flaunt and eat! By travelling like never before, flauting the abhayas and hogging guiltlessly; I am having my time here in Saudi. And I earnestly hope this article would help in putting rest to all the conjectures that have been going around about Saudi. After all, it is all about how you want to perceive life and live and not dwell on other peoples’ perception of life.